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Cool Android Apps for Movie Fanatics

For those who are addicted to uncountable TV shows and have the most diverse knowledge of the greatest movies and all its actors, then making the most of current film technological advancements should be a top priority. Android apps have gifted many movie lovers with the ultimate options for keeping track of all their favorite movies. There are many steady Android streaming service solutions that may guarantee a good viewing but these cool Android apps will also make any movie streaming process a handy and enjoyable one:

· ShowBox

ShowBox is a free Android movie streaming app that houses HD quality movies. The app is easy to install and it can also be used on many multiple devices such as the Blackberry and Kindle Fire. It is the ultimate must-have app that has transformed movie viewing as we know it. You can download the ShowBox APK from the official site.

· Cinatic

This movie app is an invaluable tool that gives the best movie suggestions and enables users to search for movies based on their favorite actors. Cinatic is also a good reminder for movie lovers who often forget titles but can only remember the actors. This is one of the fewest apps that will enable users to save a lot of time when looking for their favorites. 

· Movies by Flixster

Rated amongst the 40 best Android movie Apps, Flixster showcases all the latest movies and trailers on the box office. It also keeps many movie fanatics updated on the latest movie releases and the best rated action. Flixster also allows for the use of voice search features.

· Plex for Android

Serving as the one-stop shop for thousands of movies, Plex for Android is the perfect companion for anyone with an eye for a good film. The app is simply designed and has the perfect searching speed that streams movies directly to a mobile device. It also has a variety of thumbnail images that make it interactive and pleasurable. Plex works well on any Android device. 

· Movies Mate Pro

This popular Android Movie app has raised the bar as far as movie streaming is concerned. It contains a clearly outlined movie summary that advertises what the movie is all about. The app is integrated with a variety of movie critic apps and allows for different users to make suggestions about the movies. Fanatics that are looking for a quick opinion will find Movie Mate Pro one of the coolest apps to use.

Movie App HD Pro

This movie app is an alternative option to Movie Mate Pro. However, it has a slight difference of displaying ‘coming soon’ movies and a title search feature. The app also has many downloadable images. The app is directly linked to Similar Movies- another app that will suggest even more amazing movies to watch. Fanatics with Android 2.2 and above can enjoy the exceptional benefits that come with this app.

· Limopo

For those looking to double in movies and trailers, Limopo is the perfect Android app. It gives all the relevant titles and shows a good number of trailers. Limopo is especially useful for those who have a hard time deciding on the kind of movie to watch.

These cool Android movie apps are meant to satisfy all movie viewing needs. The best way for fanatics to improve ordinary movie watching experiences is by using Android devices to rediscover what they love.